About Narazu

Indie Sci-fi Author and Narazu Founder Cerece Rennie Murphy introduces Narazu, a new online platform designed to bring the best in independent sci-fi and comic-culture content to the fans who love it most.


(aka The People That Bring You The Cool Stuff)


Cerece fell in love with science fiction at the age of seven, watching “The Empire Strikes Back” at the Uptown Theater in Washington, D.C. with her sister and mom. It’s a love affair that has grown ever since.  She is the national bestselling author of six books, including the Order of the Seers science fiction trilogy, two books in the award-winning Ellis and The Magic Mirror children’s fantasy series, and To Find You, a time-bending, historical romance.

Cerece launched Narazu in October of 2016 because she believes, as all sci-fi fans do, in the power of independent, yet like-minded individuals to save the world.  To learn more about Cerece and her upcoming projects, please visit her website at www.cerecerenniemurphy.com.


Clarence Young (aka Zig Zag Claybourne) loves cross-genre work and believes a writer can be like an actor, inhabiting a delightful variety of roles and genres. However, his heart belongs to science fiction. When not writing (or fiddling on Facebook) he loves promoting great art and posing the Great Questions, such as whether anybody can ever be funkier than Prince. Check him out at www.writeonrighton.com.

What He Loves

“If you come at me smart and subversive, I already love you,” he says. “Minister Faust is one of the best in the business at that. One line into his 2004 debut The Coyote Kings, Book 1: Space-age Bachelor Pad and I was hooked. Have a taste.”

…In advance, shut up. I know epilogues go at the end. My point here, which should have been obvious in my opinion, is that I am telling you some of the end of this story so as to get you to comprehend the mindset under which I am currently operating and during which I am escaping.

Film & Animation Editor

Leonardo Faierman is a writer, podcaster, and ferret enthusiast. His comic Snow Daze, which was co-created with artist Marcus Kwame Anderson, features young people of color navigating young adulthood in a middle class suburb—you should read it. As the senior film editor at Black Girl Nerds he writes reviews and press coverage, edits copy, and frequently answers the question “You’re with WHAT website, again?”


Comics, Graphic Novels, & Book Editor

George Carmona III, is an Artist/Designer/Writer, former Milestone Media Intern, former DC Comics paper pusher, book lover, lifelong comic geek, has been in 4 Star Trek novels (ask him, he’ll tell), rocked the tactical station on the Bridge Crew Simulator, held down the DS9 team on a panel at the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and is the author of the DC Super Friends Joke Book from Penguin Random House. Open a frequency to his work at FistFullofArt.com or hail him on Twitter @GCarmona3.