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Anyone can go to Target and wait in line forever or spend their time clicking through Amazon.  This Holiday, give those you care about something no one else will, something as unique as you are.  Give them the Geek Love! Geek Love recognizes your weirdness and celebrates it.  Geek Love says, “Yeah, it’s more than ok to be exactly who you are.”  Geek Love is something very special. Below we have a couple of indie sites with art, books, and merchandise that you won’t find in any big box retailer…because it’s special – like you.  (And don’t forget to scroll down to the end of this email.  We’re on a mission and we hope you’ll help.)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Kwanzaa!  Whatever you celebrate (or don’t) we wish you the best – always!

Team Narazu
All indie. All Awesome

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The work at Angelarium is on another level…..completely.  When we first saw their booth at New York Comic Con in 2015, we RAN to their table and threw our money down.  It’s art that boggles the mind and rattles the soul.  If you’ve got an art lover in your life, check out these incredible images.

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Show Your Geek Love!

How deep is your love?  Is it perched on your head? Is it Iron Man cologne deep? (Yes, we’re serious.) Is it printed on your underwear?  Not, yet? No worries – we’ve found some folks who can help you and your near and dear get there.  You’re welcome!

Mad Hatters:
Apparel By Fans & Artists for Fans: and
Jewelry: All Things Westeros and Hamilton (yeah…randomly awesome):
Toys for Fandomaddicts:
Have some Tea with Your Steampunk:
For Your t-shirt obsession: (They’re bigger with excellent variety) and (less big, more unique) and for Black Action Heroes  (because it’s harder than you think.)
Lightsabers (like…for real!):

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Bad Ass Books!

Rosarium Publishing’s mission is to find the best talent and bring it to you, regardless of who that talent is and where it resides.  By their own admission, they like to be “crazy, wild, and provocative” and you can see it in their line up of award-wining, mind-mending yarns.  They do comics, graphic novels and books and they do them all REALLY well.  If you like your reading as unpredictable and dynamic as you are, Rosarium is an indie publisher you’ll want to get to know.

[us_single_image image=”1022″ size=”full” align=”center”]

Together We Can Change The Future….
With so much turmoil around the globe, we at NARAZU are committed to doing something about it – in the inspirational work that we share with you and in the causes and issues that we support as a community.  That’s why, this holiday season, we’re starting a new tradition – we call it our Annual Giving Drive.  You reply to this email and tell us which causes/organizations you support and why and we’ll pick one from the bunch to receive a $100 donation on behalf of you and everyone who supports Narazu.  Please send in your nominations by December 31st and follow us on FB and Twitter to learn about the nominations we receive, just in case you want to join in the fight to make this world a better place. Thanks in advance for giving a damn and doing something to prove it.

Help us… Help You! If you haven’t, yet take our survey and tell us about the kind of content you love!  If you are a content creator, click here.

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